That Point

Water gradually heats up,

Then, when it reaches that POINT, it boils.

Water gradually cools down,

Then, when it reaches that POINT, it freezes.

The above was inspired by a yogi while I was in practice. While breathing through our Asanas, her guidance moved us to not be frustrated about where we are today. Our focus should be on our current practice, and this particular decision to come to the mat. Through these actions, this energy, we come closer to reaching that Point of change. She used the water analogy and soon it became clear. This is how it made an impression on my heart.

Hindsight can be precious. It can offer us insight in a beneficial way…as long as we do not dwell in that place for long. I reflect on my life, with this wisdom in mind and clearly see those examples of that Point – the gradual change, the buildup of effort, emotion, action, and reaction. All that energy leading to those crescendos, those Points of real change. When I reached those Points, which manifested themselves as change, the impact was far greater than imagined – distinctly profound in many ways.

I cannot fully explain what this means – I am still learning myself. I can say that it gives me hope and encouragement. It wakes me up so that I take notice of the buildup, the gradual progression of each step and it’s importance. I must honor each steps, each bit of progress, even if it seems like a regression. Each moment cherished,right now …and then the next. This is important because before we know it, we fall into that rhythm, that cadence of life; we are proceeding towards the Point by focusing on that step we are taking now.

Give proper respect to that step you are taking now…make it count. Cherish it like a gift, another point to grow and flourish – a step towards thriving. Do not let it become a brick or a burden to slow your progress; disrupt your cadence.

With that in my mind and in my heart, my focus is on the progression, the buildup, this step and then all those steps that will eventually lead to that Point.

I thank you for spending some time here.

Inspired by Danielle at Floo-id Yoga.

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