Those Moments…

Our world can surround us with a turbulent place: a confusing space. It presents us with experiences, sensations, perceptions and beliefs that create anxious moments. Sometimes anxiety is effective only because we allow ourselves to succumb to it. We hang on to those those moments and they begin to accumulate like a thick dust, that becomes sand, then it hardens into rock. With enough acceptance, that sediment – those moments – begin to pile up into a wall. Eventually, that wall of moments surrounds us; traps us in that turbulent and confusing space – a never ending cycle of build up and accumulation, light blocked by darkness.

Those moments are far away topics: world issues, politics, strife in a foreign land. Those moments are all that is closest to you: unsavory moments from your job, your home, a sibling, a friend. Anxious moments experienced with your spouse, your child, your parents that can continuously pile up. The wall rises and bonds; it surrounds us with heartbreaking stories and limiting beliefs and blocks out the real view. We feel stifled, trapped, unable to feel peace, unable to remember love, no balance, no harmony. We are stuck, spinning, lost, blind to everything but the wall in front of us – unable to break free.

Its thickness and rough surface dulls the messages from our heart, as the grit forces us to close our eyes. The darkness breeds fear, anxiety, anger, pain, sadness, hopelessness. How can we escape the moments embedded in that wall? The sounds resonate with all that we never wanted, but that we have allowed to pile up.

Stop….breathe…breathe in…breathe out…breathe deep, past the grit. Breathe until the air feels cool, free…breathe until your breath rushes through your body and lifts your spirit up. Breathe in and then breathe out until the noise and the dust subside. Until there is only the sound of your breathe, free and full.

Breathe until you are able to stop allowing it all to build up. Breathe until you stop adding to the moments, the stories. Learn to let each moment go. You may not be able to ignore those moments, but you do not have to hold and hang on to them. You do not have to let them pile up. You can let them go. Listen closely to the sound of your heart. What does it say? Listen. Breathe. Feel the air clearing. Feel the dust begin to fall away from the wall. Feel the sand blow away with each breath out. Feel the power of your breathe increase, cleanse and then feel the rocks roll past as you breathe out. Feel the air clear and the light shine bright, as those moments pass. Don’t ignore them, feel them, experience them and…then let them go.

Now you are free. Now you can experience that other type of moment. A moment not burdened with anxiety, not bridled by fear. As the other moments pass, you begin to see more clearly, hear you heart speak its truth to you without the distortion, distraction. Feel the real emotion and not the one tainted by the dust and grit of the other moments. Feel that wonderful moment of clarity that is now, that is you breathing freely…taking you to the next moment…

That wonderful moment you realize,

That within your heart,

Exists great power,

Exists exquisite beauty,

Exists unconditional love and kindness,

Exists your real hopes and dreams,

Exists, everything you need to be you …and more.

That wonderful moment,

When you wake up and understand,

All of those same things…and more, exists in others,

And the key to extract them from all of us,

Is Love.

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