Breathe through life

As we move through life, we can become motivated or debilitated by our many experiences. Motivation can be found in many opportunities that are beautiful and soft: a majestic mountain view, a brilliant sunset on a clear horizon, a gentle smile from our children. All can leave us breathless, inspired. Motivation can also be found in things that are harsh, abrupt, or painful: the cry of a mourner, a violent scene, the expressed disappointment of a loved one just as easily weakens and just as easily takes our breath away.

The expected and the unexpected continuously fuse together and accompany us on our journey and I am grateful for them. They make a life whole; they make a life real. I know good because I experienced bad; I understand happy, because I have been sad. I know real love, because I have experienced false love.Satisfaction and frustration somehow coexist and infuse themselves; expected or unexpected, balanced or one-sided, they come. I seek the will to push forward, persevere, thrive and live in a place of joy because of those challenges, so that I may I experience through them.  It makes life whole, it makes life real. We are all here to experience, to feel and to do the best we can with this life no matter what it presents to us. I gratefully accept today with a with a prayer of peace, to live in a a state of acceptance and grace while breathing through my life.

Today I move forward with ease as I breathe in Life as it presents itself to me.

I accept my experiences with awareness, with joy and grace, proving that I am alive,

that I am awake.

My expectation is only to give what I can and that giving does no harm, to myself, the receiver, or those who may witness the giving.

I walk with my eyes open, gaze forward, the corners of my lips gently up, and my body relaxed.

My breath is even and slow, deep and nourishing.

My heart is raised, alive and filled with love for whomever I encounter.

My mind is clear and receptive to the experiences that come.

I am grateful.

I am thoughtful…and I am


Thank you for taking the time to read and hear this message….

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