A New Step

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves”  – Leo Tolstoy

Everyday, I try to make a conscious effort to cherish all of the wonderful gifts I have been given…many days, I have to remind myself that I actually have gifts. We all do…and not those “things” we see as possessions: GIFTS. The gift of making a great omelette, the gift of knowing algebra enough to teach it (not one of mine), the gift of leading people, the gift of making a customer feel special, the gift of coaching children to work as a team. Being a good hunter, baker, mechanic, software engineer, story teller, cop, nurse, phlebotomist, produce clerk…all GIFTS that we should cherish because we have been given them to make someone else (and ourselves) better. Cherish your gifts, and realize your power to make things great. I offer you this reflection…

The first step towards change must start with me

As I seek true love and joy, I must step towards sharing love and joy without judgement or expectation

As I understand what ails me, I won’t mask it, but feel it, understand it and heal it lovingly

As I recognize a better way towards the light and love, I embrace it and run towards the change

As I see the fork in the road, or the tall mountain ahead, I will challenge it and change with it, to make me stronger

As I look for a better place, a better situation, I stop and look first at myself, to see if my compass is true …then I follow my heart

As I take every new step, I realize that the change may start with me. Only then will I be open to the gifts of whatever lies ahead…openly and lovingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this reflection…I hope it adds to, or positively changes your perspective.

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