Namaste…My intention is expression and not to be presumptuous or pretentious. I intend only to express the way I feel and my understanding of anything up to this point in time. I have been pleasantly overwhelmed by namaste.  For me, the meaning and the purpose behind Namaste is more beautiful and powerful beyond any words I can offer. Through my own experience of the word, I am lightened by its ease, yet overwhelmed by the energy it stirs. Imagine a perfect word, if there there is such a thing as perfect. Imagine a peace so still and full and bright. Imagine an understanding so simple yet thorough that it captures the essence of purity in 3 simple syllables.

When you say it with the pure intention of honoring the person to whom you offer namaste, you fully accept and respect the Love, Light and Peace within them. You try to comprehend the Universe that resides within them and you faithfully hold the space that makes you both one…and therein lies the infinite beauty of the word and the state it brings. The miracle: once that happens, there can be no harm, the ego subsides and the air gets lighter and the light gets brighter and there can only be peace and space.

I have much to learn and even more to experience, but I do it with a different cadence and a softer breath that is deep and cleansing knowing that this offering is know and spoken. I bow to you in honor of your light and love and the fact that ultimately we are one.

I thank you for taking the time to read these words of my experience….namaste.

Namaste calligraphy by Stewart Thomas

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