Be You

You can look far and wide but I can almost guarantee there is only one you…and you are beautiful. Allow yourself to be who you are and give your gift to the world. Whatever it is, only you can bring it to this life.

The quote above was from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, a distinguished religious leader, award winning author and philosopher. Among his many literary contributions, he wrote The Great Partnership, as noted in the Interesting Reading list on this site. Rabbi Sacks said that “by being only what I can be, I give humanity only what I can give”, while being interviewed by Krista Tippett for a segment of On Being.  The words, resonated so strongly, I noted them immediately – teaching me that I should always keep a notepad on hand when listening to Ms. Tippett’s show. This was only a small nugget of wisdom imparted by Rabbi Lord Sacks during the interview. I suggest you listen and search out those nuggets that may touch your heart.

I thought I would share this one with you, today. Thank you for taking the time…

By BEING only what I can BE, I give HUMANITY what only I can GIVE.

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