Power within

We all have a great power within…the power to LOVE and the power of JOY. Our only obligation to these gifts is to maintain that power…fuel that power. All that takes is to share that LOVE and JOY. You can create a miracle today by simply giving your LOVE and JOY to others. Fuel their LOVE and JOY and it will grow within them. This is abundance of the heart…you give to get …

As the sun begins to warm the morning air, I breathe in and feel the life bursting around me.
I am grateful for the new day ahead…I look forward to the opportunity and challenge it will bring
I will accept it all with LOVE and JOY and I will share that LOVE and JOY with everyone and everything that surrounds me
Holy Spirit, as I experience and accept each moment and feel it’s full force on my life, I accept what comes as it leads me another step down my path …
I cherish my commitment, that will take me towards my opportunity… that will unfold to be my destiny.
I will listen closely to my heart, and be true to myself…

Thank you for taking the time…

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