I gratefully offer you today’s reflection…

As I breathe in, I feel the cool rush of air fill me with love, life and joy…refreshing, soothing, nourishing…I can feel the beauty around me and the air…filled with light …sweet…pungent…maybe bitter…never bare.

Air always present with emotion, I sense the sweet fragrance of a flower.  I taste a fire preparing a meal, I listen to and smell the rain and touch it as it mixes with dust. I experience a garden freshly tilled, giving of the earth a blessed bounty.

A myriad of scents and flavors and feelings, born of nature or not…I am grateful for this gift: the blessing of taking in this life. Blessed with the ability to experience simple and complicated joys, I accept it gratefully, as it fills my spirit with life and light…

As I breathe out, I release all those cherished moments, those gifts provided, some with risk, some with reward. I release them and watch them go…I refresh all the love and joy created by that breath, or the feelings of pain or discomfort…I release them back into the universe that surrounds me.

As I express these words I have been given, I should want nothing in return…but I do….

I beg for the gift to feel the the cool rush of joy, love and experience into my body, with the promise that I will do my best to express that breath in ways that replenishes the joy and the love I have taken.


Thank you for visiting … I hope it helps you to reflect and capture a feeling, an emotion, an experience that will add a positive perspective and set a positive tone for your day…good morning

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